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Medical Research - Biobrume For Wound Care & Scar Management

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Sheila Madan


Topical stabilized hypochlorous acid: The future gold standard for wound care and scar management in dermatologic and plastic surgery procedures

This article from a medical journal presents results of a study into the use of HOCl, which is the primary ingredient of Biobrume when used for managing wounds and burns and reduce the recovery period while at the same time reducing the amount of scarring.


Topical stabilized HOCl provides an optimal wound healing environment and, when combined with silicone, may be ideal for reducing scarring. Additionally, in contrast to chlorhexidine, HOCl, used as an antiseptic skin preparation, raises no concerns of ocular‐ or ototoxicity.


For wound care and scar management, topical stabilized HOCl conveys powerful microbicidal and antibiofilm properties, in addition to potency as a topical wound healing agent. It may offer physicians an alternative to other less desirable wound care measures.