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Medical Research - Expert Recommendations On The Use Of HOCl

Posted in Medical Research Article

Sheila Madan


Expert Recommendations for the Use of Hypochlorous Solution: Science and Clinical Application

Experts explore the use of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in different applications and give recommendations.


Based on in vitro studies, the antimicrobial activity of HOCl appears to be comparable to other antiseptics but without cytotoxicity; there is more clinical evidence about its safety and effectiveness. With regard to the resolution of infection and improvement in wound healing by adjunct HOCl use, strong evidence was found for use in diabetic foot wounds; moderate evidence for use in septic surgical wounds; low evidence for venous leg ulcers, wounds of mixed etiology, or chronic wounds; and no evidence for burn wounds.The panel recommended HOCl should be used in addition to tissue management, infection, moisture imbalance, edge of the wound (the TIME algorithm) and aggressive debridement.


The panel also recommended intralesional use of HOCl or other methods that ensure the wound is covered with the solution for 15 minutes after debridement. More controlled clinical studies are needed to determine the safety and ef cacy of HOCl in wound types with limited outcomes data and to evaluate outcomes of various application methods.